R. Kelly Kept Child Sex Tapes as Trophies, Former Employee Testifies

Positive, if bittersweet, news came last week, as R. Kelly was charged with 11 additional sex crimes.

The widely despised rapper is accused of grooming underage girls, having sex with them, and recording sickening videos of his alleged crimes.

According to a former employee’s testimony, there are more tapes out there, because they were kept as “trophies.” Horrific.

According to TMZ, a former employee of R. Kelly has testified before a grand jury about the disgraced rapper.

Within the testimony, he accused Kelly of regularly recording sex with underage girls.

He told the grand jury that his former boss kept the recordings as trophies.

While testifying in the Northern District of Illinois on Thursday, the ex-employee said that he had, at one time, been in possession of some of these tapes.

It is currently believed that a number of these recordings are in the possession of federal law enforcement.

As the former employee testified, R. Kelly allegedly offered a sizable sum of cash for one such recording to be returned.

(We can read between the lines and gather that there was nervousness about more recordings getting in the hands of prosecutors)

It sounds like the employee obliged … yet also, “somehow,” Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx also received a copy.

TMZ‘s sources say tha the testimony mentioned surrendering several additional videos to federal investigators.

Said videos are also said to feature minors engaged in sex acts.

The testimony is said to have included an open admission that those who worked directly for R. Kelly knew about his alleged fondness for minor girls.

Unfortunately, instead of alerting authorities, they are said to have actively helped him.

The former employee testified that Kelly’s crew would help him find new underage girls to groom, seduce, and victimize.

The reviled rapper’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, didn’t sound shocked or impressed when he spoke to TMZ about the testimony.

“This seems to be the same claims that were made in the state case,” Greenberg said. “We will address them in court.”

Greenberg is referring to testimony heard by a federal grand jury that was also in Illinois.

See, according to a number of alleged victims of R. Kelly, they were transported across state lines while they were in his thrall.

To be clear, they told the grand jury that they were underage at the time, and that the transportation was for sexual purposes.

As you are likely aware, crossing state lines during the commission of an alleged crime makes it a federal case.

But since Kelly is accused of being a prolific predator, the state has plenty of local charges to level at him.

There are two additional federal probes into the accusations against R. Kelly.

One is in New York’s eastern district.

The other is in New York’s southern district.

In both cases, it seems very likely that investigators will move forward.

The abundance of evidence against Kelly, the number of alleged victims coming forward, and overwhelming public opinion are on their side.

It is, of course, cause for celebration that R. Kelly’s alleged reign of terror appears to be at an end.

But … we shouldn’t count our eggs before they hatch, right? Kelly has evaded justice for decades.

And even if he is convicted and sentenced to a billion years in prison, that victory will be bittersweet.

There should not be so many accusers coming forward, or other alleged survivors remaining silent. This should never have happened.

Many cannot help but wonder if Kelly’s reported abusive sex cult would have gone on this long if the alleged victims had not been young black girls.

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