Rick Ross Fears Teslas Will Automatically Drive Him to Cops

Rick Ross has a ton of cars in his collection, but one he won’t add is a Tesla … as he believes the electric whips are nothing but entrapment on wheels!!!

Rozay explained his anti-Tesla stance Tuesday while speaking to fans on Instagram … the rapper believes the U.S. government can tap into the cars at any given time and in his case, haul him off to jail for questioning!!! 😂

He then hilariously paints the picture of being at one of his Wingstop franchises when his Tesla is overpowered … and redirected toward the precinct where an agent awaits.

Lawmaking officials may not have a habit of jailbreaking everyday citizens’ Teslas, but Rozay doesn’t have to settle for the trend.

His Promise Land estate in Georgia houses plenty of options for him to cruise around … using that good ‘ol fashioned gas engine that he’s used to!!!

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