Rome Flynn Reflects With Becky G on Being the First Afro-Latino to Win a Daytime Emmy

Being the first anything can come with a lot of advantages as well as pressures. This is especially the case for people of color breaking barriers in their respective industries. If you’re the first brown or Black person to reach a certain level in your field, hold a certain position, or win an award, it can come with lot of pride and joy. And not just for you but for the community. But the fact that there are still so many firsts happening proves that progress has been slow. In a recent clip of the Facebook Watch series Face to Face with Becky G, actor and With Love star Rome Flynn, chats with Becky G about when he became the first Afro-Latino to win a Daytime Emmy Award back in 2018, the significance behind it, and the long way we still have to go.

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