Sara Bareilles Supports Taylor Swift After Scooter Braun Sells Her Masters

Seventeen months after Scooter Braun bought Taylor Swift‘s master recordings of her first six albums after acquiring her first label, Big Machine, he has now sold them.

If you missed the news, Scooter sold her master records for north of $300 million. This month, Taylor would legally be able to start re-recording all of her old music to redistribute, making her the owner of the new songs.

Sara was one of the first celebrities to issue a reaction to this news, defending Taylor by saying, “I will never not feel like this is just f*cking robbery. Greed is a virus too and it’s everywhere. F*ck that. @taylorswift13 sending you love.”

At the time that Scooter bought Taylor‘s recording history, she wasn’t given the option to buy back her music herself. At the time, she received a ton of support from celebrities and music stars to be able to own her own music. You can see a full update on what happened back in July of 2019 when Taylor called Scooter a bully.

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