Scott Disick's GF Amelia Hamlin Responds To 'Blackfishing' Accusations: 'I Tan Very Easily'

Amelia Hamlin has got some explaining to do…

The 19-year-old model, who has risen to fame in the last few months after being romantically connected to Scott Disick, just experienced her first big Instagram controversy. But did she handle it like she should have?!

Lisa Rinna‘s teenage daughter posted a series of photos of herself to her IG account on Thursday, showing off her dark brown hair in a long, thin braid. The biggest surprise in the pictures, though, was her skin. The model’s tone suddenly appeared several shades darker there than in other recent photos!

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below):

A post shared by Amelia (@ameliagray)

Whoa! That’s a look, that’s for sure.

But almost immediately, the Flip It Like Disick star’s GF got called out for “blackfishing” — which is when non-Black people style their hair or makeup in a way to enhance certain features to make themselves look more Black or more racially ambiguous. The end result, then, is the cultural appropriation of naturally “Black” traits and looks by non-Black (and often non-POC) individuals.

Obviously, in Amelia’s case here, the darker skin tone really caught people’s attention. Almost immediately, Hamlin turned off her Instagram comments on the post. Not a great sign if any of y’all were hoping she was going to be forthright and face this issue head-on. But a short while later, early on Thursday afternoon, she returned to the social media site to share a message on her Stories. While she was more candid in the response message and actually acknowledged the controversy, she did not apologize, instead offering up an excuse for her new skin tone.

As you can see from the pulled message (below), the model acknowledged the accusations while claiming ignorance of the “blackfishing” phenomenon altogether. Then, she noted her thanks to the commenters “for educating me on this topic.” She also gave her own reasoning for why her skin suddenly gotten so much darker:


Are y’all buying that? Blackfishing has been a huge topic of conversation for a long time on Instagram — and specifically in the modeling and influencer circles within which Amelia is centered — so isn’t it at least a little surprising she hasn’t come across it before? Girl…

And the tanning excuse! For sure, we get it, some people tan easier than others. (Sorry, Ed Sheeran.) But, like, girl, you got DARK overnight! Are you sure there’s no tanner involved?? Or any motives to look darker than your natural color?!

Here she is just a couple of weeks ago (below), looking tan, but still lighter than her latest post:

A post shared by Amelia (@ameliagray)

Also, what about this “vacation to the sun,” AKA FLORIDA?? We’re past the point of expecting selfish celebrities to give a s**t about this any more, but WE ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC! Until we start vaccinating huge numbers of people it’s still dangerous out there! Come on, Amelia!

What do U make of all the hubbub around Amelia’s new look, Perezcious readers? Does she deserve to be dragged? Was her f**k-up intentional, and she’s just sorry she got caught, or was it an honest mistake? Or was there no mistake at all, and she’s free to tan as she pleases??

Sound OFF with your take on everything down in the comments (below)!

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