Sir Elton John ‘almost killed’ by close friend Ed Sheeran during ‘horror’ accident

Rod Stewart addresses Elton John feud

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Ed Sheeran has recalled a “horror” moment where he worried he’d killed Sir Elton John. The singer admitted he accidentally kicked a bell in his direction while they filmed their new music video.

Ed, 30, and Sir Elton, 74, are hoping to go to Christmas number one with their new single.

The hit song makers have created a song called Merry Christmas, which they’re hoping will prove popular with fans.

However, they suffered a mishap while filming the video for the single’s music video earlier this year.

Ed admitted he has been left terrified after accidentally kicking a gift in Elton’s direction.

He didn’t realise it actually had a bell in it and it only narrowly missed the legend’s head.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “I almost killed him with a bell on the video.

“I’m dressed up as a sort of sexy Santa Claus and I kick a present, but the present had a big metal bell on top of it.

“I showed him the footage of it today because we slowed it down, and the bell flew past his head and would have cracked him in the head.”

Ed was left very worried when he saw it heading towards Elton.

“Oh my gosh the horror that went through my body when it was flying through the air,” he added.

Luckily, they avoided disaster and both singers escaped unharmed.

The video sees them parodying a number of Christmas films and music videos.

Among those referenced are The Snowman, Love Actually and Wizzard.

The profit from the single will be going to arts funding and Elton’s AIDS Foundation.

Ed shared earlier this year how it was Elton who suggested their collaboration.

He’d been left surprised about the success every year of his hit song Step Into Christmas.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, the Photograph singer said: “He was so buzzed that Step Into Christmas gets a higher position each year.

“So he’s like, ‘I want to do another Christmas song, do you want to do one with me?’

“I’ve always been against it.

“Not that I don’t like Christmas. I love Christmas.

“But in terms of doing a Christmas song, you need to chuck the kitchen sink at it.”

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