Skylar Gaertner age: How old is Ozark star Skylar Gaertner?

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Netflix series Ozark will be coming to a head when it returns for its fourth and final series. The story will be concluding for the Byrde family and there could well be bloodshed on the cards for them. Ozark fans are keen to know more about rising star Skylar Gaertner, who is better known to audiences as Jonah Byrde.

How old is Ozark star Skylar Gaertner?

Jonah has grown as a character over the seasons after his parent Marty (played by Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) fled from Chicago with a Mexican drug cartel hot on their heels.

While older sister Charlotte Byrde (Sofia Hublitz) has remained aloof to a degree, Jonah has really immersed himself in his parents’ business.

In season two, he was helping his mother Wendy behind Marty’s back as she tried to strike a deal with the cartel.

Wendy stepped up after Marty was left depressed and reeling from the shock of killing Pastor Mason Young (Michael Mosley) in an act of self-defence.

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Marty was making plans to flee from the Ozarks, but Wendy with Jonah’s help stopped this from happening.

Jonah also showed off his financial knowledge when he suggested setting up some shell companies under which the company could hide.

In season three, he also suggested the legitimate foundation Wendy wanted to set up for Omar Navarro’s (Felix Solis) children could be a good way to funnel and launder money.

Charlotte has even praised her brother for his intellect, accepting she would never be as gifted as him when it came to working in the family business.

There has also been a person growth for Jonah who sadly was abducted by the Snells and had his shaved by them as a warning to Wendy.

By the end of season three, Jonah really came into his own after he confronted cartel attorney Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) with a gun after he believed she had ordered the hit on his beloved uncle Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey).

He was also seen walking around the Byrde family home with the rifle which he later fired, a chilling foreshadowing of things to possibly come.

In season one, Charlotte is 14-year-old with Hublitz either 16 or 17-year-old when she made the show.

Going by Hublitz’s age versus her character, there was a three to four year gap.

Actor Gaertner is reportedly born in 2004 and is either 16 or 17 now but when he landed the role, he could have been either 13 or 14.

There could be a similar age gap between Jonah and actor Gaertner, so perhaps he Jonah was originally supposed to be 10 or 11 in season one of Ozark.

As it’s tricky to track the passage of time, presumably about two or three years has passed by since the first outing. Now Jonah could be about 15 while Charlotte may be 17 or 18.

Season four could see the passage of time moving even further but it’s not clear how much will have passed since the third outing.

While not much is known about Gaertner, he has been keeping fans up to date with shots from the set of Ozark season four which started filming in November 2020.

His Instagram bio reads: “Actor. I love stories that inspire & let me be a superhero.

“My motto: “ETC” Be Excellent, be True, be Cool. Jonah on @netflix ‘s @ozark.”

One snap showed him cutting his hair back to look more like Jonah with a before and after shot.

He shared the black-and-white photo with his 26,000 Instagram followers and captioned it: “Well, I had to let go of the Covid hair. But I must say, it’s good to be back!”

The star also posted a shot from his very first day filming on season one of the show, which featured his co-stars Bateman, Linney and Hublitz.

Ozark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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