Snob World Founders Cole & Kelsea Moscatel Support Britney Spears With HUGE '#FreeBritney' Billboard!

Media personalities, entrepreneurs, models and now… lawsuit advocates?!

Being the owners of the luxury brand Snob World, Cole and Kelsea Moscatel know how to turn heads, and they did just that with a new billboard on Sunset Boulevard — complete with an attention-grabbing sign that reads: “#FreeBritney”!

That’s right, y’all. This iconic duo is putting the “ad” in “advocate” by using their own ads to voice support for Britney Spears amid her ongoing conservatorship case!

Are they simply showing their support for something they feel passionate about? Or could it mean something bigger?? Are they announcing some sort of involvement!? After all, these two connect with A-listers daily through their exclusive concierge service, Snob Concierge, so we honestly wouldn’t be that surprised!

Whatever the reason for the #FreeBritney on their Sunset Boulevard billboard, we know one thing for sure: it caught everyone’s attention!

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