Stacey Solomon proves that see-through leggings were not tights with receipt

After suffering an embarrassing wardrobe mishap, Stacey Solomon shared a photo of the leggings to prove that her see-through bottoms were not tights.

The 32 year old was mortified when she realised the white leggings she had worn all day were completely see-through showing off her floral white and blue knickers.

Originally, the Loose Women panellist assumed that she must have put on tights by mistake after rushing to get ready in the dark. But after searching for “hours” she found the receipt for the H&M leggings.

Over a video on her Instagram story, Stacey posted a screenshot of the item to prove that they were in fact leggings, Stacey wrote: “I feel like the real life star of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

“Just spent 2 hours trying to find my receipt for those leggings because I thought maybe I ordered tights by accident. Turns out they were leggings and they cost me bl**** £9.99. A tenna to walk around naked…”

Talking to the camera, the TV presenter added: “Just to rub salt in the wound and those leggings were £9.99 from the conscious range. I don’t know what the h*** are they supposed to be conscious of. They were not conscious of my dignity were they!”

The unfortunate mishap occurred as the mother of four rushed to get ready for the school run and didn’t check her reflection to notice how see-through her leggings were.

Stacey shared a video to showcase how see-through the leggings were, as she turned around to show her pants completely visible through the white fabric.

The TV presenter wrote: “I’m actually fumin. A lovely lady came up to me in Costco (at the very end on our way out I might add) & said “your leggings are a little see through” I thought oh no they must be a bit thin.

“Turns out they’re more like 1 denir tights and Joe let me walk around in them all day without even letting me know.”

Before explaining: “We got dressed in the dark in a rush before the school run and I didn’t even think of looking in the mirror. Joe thinks it’s hilarious apparently he thought it was a look and then just “forgot” to say anything because we were in a rush” with a series of eye roll emojis.

The TV star did not see the funny side of walking around in public almost “naked” while her fiancé Joe Swash chuckled in the background of the video.

She said: “Nah I actually don’t find this funny, I can’t believe I’ve walked around like this all day.”

Before Joe quipped: “You should have more, pay more attention to what you’re wearing.”

Stacey hit back as Joe claimed he “forgot” to tell her about how see-through her bottoms were. The video cuts off just as he breaks into hysterics and jokes: “I mean, listen, you’re old enough to dress yourself, aren’t you?”

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