‘Still got PTSD’ Chris Evans details unfortunate incident with microwave at BBC studios

Chris Evans on his BBC microwave blunder

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Chris Evans, 55, did not want to recall an incident that happened at the BBC studios during his time presenting Radio 2. He touched on the subject with his co-hosts Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show.

I’ve still got PTSD from my BBC microwave.

Chris Evans

The trio were talking about microwave licenses as there was no such equipment near their studio.

Chris said: “You have to get a license for each floor and that’s why they are all on the 14th.”

Vassos, shocked that a microwave license was a thing, questioned the presenter on it.

Chris replied: “Yeah I know it’s true. I’ve still got PTSD from my BBC microwave… experience.”

Both co-hosts questioned Chris about the incident and he was reluctant to tell them what went on.

Rachel asked: “What happened? Did you explode something in the microwave?”

Chris murmured: “Maybe…”

After more persistent questioning, he finally gave in and told them of his error.

Chris said: “Just put a baked potato in the microwave… for five hours.”

The trio burst into hysterics, with Vassos sounding like he had spat out in laughter.

Chris carried on telling the story, saying: “Was meant to be five minutes and then I forgot about it.

“Five hours and I didn’t know, beep beep beep. One zero too many.”

Chris, who did not detail what happened afterwards, announced he was leaving BBC’s Radio 2 in September 2018 and would be making a move to the commercial station Virgin Radio from January 2019.

The show launched on January 21 and is 30 minutes longer than its previous incarnation.

In addition to the weekday breakfast show, for his first six weeks on air Chris presented a live Sunday morning programme from 10am to 1pm, titled The Chris Evans Ministry of Now with Sky.

After it ended, it was replaced with a recorded programme featuring highlights from the weekday breakfast show.

Chris was forced to pull out of doing his radio show last month after contracting Covid.

His replacement at the time Sam Pinkham explained that he had been “feeling dodgy” before he realised.

Earlier this year, the star was also rushed to the hospital after suffering from kidney stones.

The radio host made a full recovery after undergoing an operation.

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