Supernanny Jo Frost defends Coleen Rooney after she’s slammed for letting sons watch iPads at side of football pitch

Coleen Rooney has been defended by Supernanny star Jo Frost after she came under fire after sharing a picture of three of her sons.

The wife of Wayne Rooney posted a snap on Twitter of her boys watching their iPads while at the side of a football pitch.

The mum-of-four, 33, was slammed by her followers for allowing her youngest three kids – Klay, Kit and Cass – to play with iPads while their brother, Kai, plays football.

Fans were unhappy with the fact the children were not running around outside like Kai was.

One person tweeted: "Yeah just stick em all on the iPad. Top parenting”, while another added: "Let technology look after the children while mum is posting on social media."

A third person commented: "Sad sad sad. Out in the glorious sun and you've them glued to a screen."

"Why is a small child sat playin on an iPad. No wonder more an more kids are growing up with absolute s**t social skills. Cringey to look at”, said another follower.

However, Coleen didn’t take the criticism lying down and actually responded to the barrage of negative comments.

She replied: "Calm down, calm down… yes my children have and use iPads!!! And even my 15 month old watches Peppa Pig on one would you believe!!

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“They come in handy sometimes and can be very educational. Mathletics and spelling apps are used all time by kai and klay … check them out."

Meanwhile, supernanny Jo Frost backed Coleen tweeting: "They do come in handy for parents looking 4 a quick bit of relief n also can b educational as well as entertaining.

“I’m sure u wld also agree 15months need more edu interactive learning and toddlers certainly need parents who will regulate use too." [sic]

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