Tarek El Moussa & Heather Rae Young Won’t Be Inviting His Ex Christina Anstead To Their Wedding

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young are opening up about planning their upcoming wedding during the pandemic.

The couple, who got engaged over the summer, opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the plans and have narrowed it down to two places.

“We’re planning sometime summer 2021. We have dates on hold,” Heather revealed, with Tarek adding, “Right now we’re in between Cabo and California, so we don’t know where it’s gonna be, but it’s gonna be one of those places.”

While they don’t have a location set just yet, they do know that their exes won’t be part of it – and that includes Christina Anstead, who shares two children – Taylor and Brayden – with Tarek.

“No, no exes at the wedding,” Tarek said about the decision. “Small, less distractions, more intimate, better conversations with the people around us. You know, we just think smaller is better.”

Heather added, “Just intimate, with our best friends and family. We’re gonna have to be strict with our list.”

Recently, Heather opened up about how she reached out to Christina after she started dating Tarek. Here’s what she shared…

Christina is currently going through a divorce with her second husband, Ant Anstead.

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