Tayshia Admits She Accidentally Flashed Her Ring on Insta and Was "Freaking Out"

Sooooo, remember when Tayshia Adams hopped onto Instagram and was casually wearing a giant diamond on her finger whilst drinking a cup of coffee?

The moment caused Bachelor Nation to assume that she’d gotten engaged (they were correct) and Tayshia was even asked about it by Ellen, saying “All I have to say is I’m just a girl….If I want to drink my coffee with some diamonds on, I can do that. I like to wear diamonds all the time!”

Flash-forward to now and Tayshia is admitting that she was pretty much spiraling when she realized that she’d accidentally posted the photo of her ring to Insta Stories. “I guess I can come clean now,” she told Lauren Zima. “Yeah it accidentally did [make it onto Instagram]. I actually was freaking out, I was screaming I was running all throughout the house.”


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Meanwhile, Zac mused that he got to “see her in crisis” for the first time, while Tayshia maintained “honestly who doesn’t drink their coffee in the morning and have a couple diamonds on. Doesn’t every girl do that?”

Words to live by!

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