The Royal Fam ~Allegedly~ Thinks Meghan and Harry Are Being "Inconsiderate and Selfish"

In case you hadn’t heard, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are spending a cozy Christmas among friends and family in Canada, while the rest of the royal family chill out in ye olde England. And listen, Meghan and Harry have been going through it lately, so the fact that they want a break from the spotlight? Completely understandable. The thing is, Prince Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip was recently hospitalized (note: he was released today) and apparently there’s a feeling among some royals that the couple should have changed their plans to spend Christmas with him.

“Even before the Duke became ill, many were at a loss as to why Harry and Meghan would miss what could be one of the last family Christmases with the Queen and Philip,” a source told The Sun’s royal correspondent Emily Andrews. “They are absolutely entitled to a proper break and privacy, but they’ve had six weeks off. What about some lovely family photos and memories with baby Archie? Many of the family were very keen to see him over Christmas, but were told they couldn’t as they were abroad.”

I mean, sure—and this falls in line with what sources recently told Entertainment Tonight. But The Sun’s source indicates people are aren’t just disappointed—they’re pissed: “There is a feeling they are being inconsiderate and selfish, given the Queen and Philip’s advancing age. They’re in Canada to process everything—including whether they still want to be working royals. But they really should have thought about returning.”

Again, spending Christmas with the royals means a very public royal walkabout, which inevitably leads to ~royal feud~ speculation. It seems understandable that Meghan and Harry would want to skip that whole mess, and will presumably spend a ton of quality time with Philip and Queen Elizabeth in 2020…when there aren’t cameras around.

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