There’s Nothing Itsy Bitsy About the Spiders Ciara and Normani Played With

Ciara and Normani are brave! The ladies channeled their wild side and decided to conquer their fear of spiders. Ciara guest-hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday and did a segment where she and Normani held tarantulas — yes, tarantulas! “You’re going to help me step into the wild side and meet some spiders,” the 36-year-old guest host announced, to Normani’s shock.

At first, Ciara recoiled in fear when the spider handler got out the first of three tarantulas. “They can feed off of fear right?” Normani asked, to which the handler affirmed with a sharp “Yes.” Ciara eventually got to the point where she confidently held all three. Normani, however, took a more hesitant approach and offered to just pet them. That’s further than I would have gotten! Well done, ladies. Watch the clip above.

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