Thomas Markle: I Leaked Meghan’s Letter for Her Own Good!!

Some people love to hear themselves speak, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

For years, Meghan Markle has begged Thomas to please shut up and stop humiliating her in the press.

His ceaseless clownery was eaten up by vicious British tabloids, and it cost him his relationship with his daughter.

Now, he has testified in court about why he chose to leak the contents of a heartfelt letter that Meghan once wrote him.

In August 2018, Meghan Markle wrote an emotional letter to her father, Thomas Markle.

This letter’s contents were then leaked.

That topic has come up in U.K. High Court, and we now know his explanation for making his daughter’s private message public.

E! News reports that Thomas handed over Meghan’s private correspondence to notorious tabloid The Daily Mail because he felt that he was being “vilified” by a People article.

“When I read the article ‘The Truth About Meghan’ in People magazine,” Thomas told the court.

He expressed: “I was shocked by what it said about me.”

“It was a total lie,” Thomas claimed to the High Court.

“It misrepresented the tone and content of the letter Meg had written me in August 2018,” he asserted.

Thomas continued by saying that he “quickly decided I wanted to correct that misrepresentation.”

Thomas announced that he believed that Meghan, his estranged daughter, “authorized” five of her friends to speak to People about their troubled relationship and the letter.

He characterized the article in court by saying that it claimed that the letter shared that she “loved me and that she wanted to repair our relationship.”

Meanwhile, Thomas felt that the letter “was a criticism.”

“It actually signalled the end of our relationship,” Thomas described in his testimyony.

He insisted that, contrary to what had been reported, the letter was a goodbye and “not a reconciliation.”

In contrast, Thomas says, Meghan’s friends who spoke to People allegedly misrepresented his response to Meghan’s letter.

People reported that Thomas desired to stage a photo-op with Meghan.

One of her friends told the outlet: “He writes her a really long letter in return, and he closes it by requesting a photo op with her. And she feels like, ‘That’s the opposite of what I’m saying.'”

Thomas told the court that he was merely asking for a “harmonious” photo together, as he believed that it would “make the press back off.” So, yes, he wanted a photo-op.

Thomas also claimed to to the court that Meghan’s friends lied when they said that he “never” reached out to her.

He insists that he simply “couldn’t find a way of getting her to talk to me.”

Thomas claims that when he allowed The Daily Mail to “actually quote from and reproduce parts of the letter,” that was his only way to share his side of the story.

“The text of the letter proves that what was said in People magazine about the letter was wrong,” Thomas insisted.

He added that “It ‘dissolves’ what was said about me in that article.”

Thomas was adamant that “Readers had to see the letter for themselves — then they would know they were getting the truth.”

The Daily Mail, notorious for its hit pieces on Meghan, did not publish the letter in whole, only posting excerpts. 

“The choice was mine,” Thomas claimed. “I did not want the whole of the letter to be published.”

“The reason for that was because I thought the letter as a whole made Meg look terrible,” he alleged. “I do not want to attack or hurt her.”

Meghan’s attorneys have clarified that Meghan did not have prior knowledge of the People article.

Her friends elected to speak to People in confidence because, per Kensington Palace policy, Meghan could not speak in her own defense at that time.

Their motive was similar to the motive that Thomas claims drove him to speak out … but is that the truth?

Thomas, astoundingly, seems to still not understand that what drove a wedge between him and his daughter was his pathological inability to STFU.

Like a buffoon, he kept speaking out to anyone who would listen, driving Meghan away.

And British tabloids, eager to smear and embarrass the biracial, American-born Duchess, clung to his every stupid word. You hate to see it.

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