‘Two-faced weasel’ Piers Morgan attempts to ‘damage’ Trump and Nigel Farage’s ‘bromance’

Nigel Farage discusses 'problems' with Trump in 2016

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Nigel Farage, 58, angered Piers Morgan, 57, when he went on GB News yesterday to tell listeners that Piers was lying about Donald Trump, 75, walking off during their interview. In response, Piers took to Twitter to share a video of Farage slating the former US president, starting a back and forth between the pair.

You’ve been exposed as a duplicitous two-faced weasel.

Piers Morgan

Piers started by taking to Twitter to “return the favour” today.

In view of his 7.9 million followers, he penned: “UPDATE: I always like to return a favour. I’ve been sent video footage of @Nigel_Farage speaking VERY disparagingly about Donald Trump.

“I do hope it doesn’t damage their bromance. Posting soon.”

He continued in another post shortly after: “In my leaked video of @Nigel_Farage talking trash about President Trump, he calls him angry, one-geared, says he has ideas that aren’t Republican, a ‘worrying’ agenda and concludes: ‘There are real problems with Trump.’ Oops! cc @DonaldJTrumpJr.”

Piers then stuck to his word and posted the minute-long video of Farage slating the former president in 2016.

He captioned the video: “BREAKING: Leaked footage of @Nigel_Farage being shockingly critical about his supposed friend Donald Trump.

“Can you make sure your Dad sees it, @DonaldJTrumpJr – just thought you should both know what a treacherous disingenuous little snake you’re dealing with.”

In the video, Farage said: “It looks like Trumps going to win and whilst Trump puts his finger on some things that do need to be said I find there is a certain sense of anger about Trump.

“There was a certain sense that he’s only got one gear. And he also seems to believe in a bigger state and has a lot of ideas that I wouldn’t necessarily call Republican.

“There are no circumstances in which I’d vote for Hilary but if Trump the nominee, I would generally, despite he’s saying good things about security, there is much of the rest of his agenda and manner that I find pretty worrying.

“I think they are real problems with Trump.”

Farage saw the video and replied in view of his 1.6 million followers.

Along with a video of Trump in 2016, he said: “Like millions of American voters, in April 2016 I was still making my mind up.

“By August 2016 I gave Trump my full support — and I have backed him ever since.

“Unlike you @PiersMorgan!”

The Uncensored host responded: “No Nige, you’ve been exposed as a duplicitous two-faced weasel and frankly, I dread to think what you’ve been saying in private about Trump behind his back if this is how you’ve so disloyally attacked him in public. Cc @DonaldJTrumpJr.”

Piers took to his platform to slam Farage started after the latter went onto GB News to slam the former Good Morning Britain presenter.

Farage said: “Well, I tell you what, there is only one way to describe that news headline. It’s very simple: it is fake news.”

Farage then played audio in which Piers Morgan can be heard exchanging pleasantries with Mr Trump.

He says: “That was a great interview. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.”

Trump then asks Piers to turn the camera off.

Farage added: “So the interview is over. Morgan says, ‘thank you, that was a great interview.’ Trump says, ‘Yeah. It’s over. It’s done.’

“There is no way, absolutely no way, no way at all, that Trump stormed out of that meeting. It’s a completely inaccurate, dishonest representation of what happened.”

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