Update: Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Are ~Getting to Know Each Other~

Update on Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s whole…thing! Apparently, these two aren’t dating-dating quite yet, but they are “getting to know each other,” whatever that means! A trio of sources said as much to People, with one musing “They are getting to know each other,” another adding “Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi,” and a third noting “They’ve been seen hanging out with groups of people. It’s only been a few weeks since the split. Since then, he’s been hanging out with friends and family.”

This follows an Us Weekly insider who said Leo currently has “his sights set on Gigi” (shocking since she’s 27!) but “She hasn’t shown an interest,” “doesn’t have her sights on him,” and that “they’re friends, but she doesn’t want to be romantic with [him] right now.” lol.

Reminder: Leo just ended a long-term relationship with Camila Morrone (mere months after she turned 25, I might add), who People’s sources say is “doing fine” and “has a big group of friends that really care about her. She is moving on with her life. She is not in contact with Leo.”

Meanwhile, an Us source claimed they split because “Leo and Camila just weren’t having fun anymore,” and “The honeymoon phase was over and things faded out.”

Sure! Definitely wasn’t because she turned 26 or anything like that!!!!!

On that note, just leaving this here:

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