Vladimir Putin Shows Marks Thought to Be Signs of Cancer Treatment During Rare Appearance

The Russian president has added fire to the cancer rumors following his recent appearance where he allegedly showed marks that could be the signs of chemotherapy.

AceShowbizVladimir Putin is allegedly “showing signs of cancer” as marks thought to be from IV treatment were spotted on his hands. Amid Russia’s ongoing military invasion of neighbouring country Ukraine which began in February, Kyiv Post correspondent Jason Jay Smart recently claimed that the president, 70, could be showing signs of having had intravenous chemotherapy and pointed out marks on his hands.

“Videos released by Russian government Government news show what could be track marks, from IVs, on the hand of Putin. For the same event, the Kremlin released two videos, One with tons of watermarks (making the hand harder to see), the other without any shot of his hand,” he tweeted alongside screenshots of Vladimir’s appearance on Russian news.

Putin made a rare appearance on Thursday, October 20, where he was seen firing a sniper rifle, but the footage is now said to have been deleted from circulated Russian media

Former Ukraine correspondent Tom Warner wrote, “I downloaded the 5 vids of this event posted to Telegram on zvezdanews and looked at all closely for back of hand shots. This seems to be just a weird angle of bulgey veins.”

It comes amid rumours that the Russian leader is suffering from a rare form of cancer and a report that he had “complained of aching pain” in his stomach.

The Telegram channel General SVR said, “Putin complained of aching pain in the abdominal cavity, which could not be quickly stopped, and he held the meeting leaning forward, trying to maintain a natural posture.”

“Putin’s oncology is progressing and, despite adequate treatment lately, the pain is not always completely relieved. It must be understood that the deplorable state of the president’s physical and mental health affects the adoption of key decisions.”

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