‘Who told everyone he was coming?’ Piers Morgan’s wife pokes fun as he sits solo in cinema

Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden shares comical video

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Piers Morgan’s wife, Celia Walden, 46, has posted snaps of her husband as he lounges in a cinema room with a witty joke as the caption. The former GMB host was watching a showing of House of Gucci at the time. 

Celia posted the photo to her 52,100 followers on Instagram. 

The journalist then made a joke, implying that Piers drove everyone else out of the theatre with his presence. 

She said: “Ok. Who told everyone Piers was coming?”

Piers later sent a Twitter post out to his fans clarifying what film he had just been to see. 

The controversial journalist and reporter said that he’d just watched Lady Gaga’s House Of Gucci. 

Writing in view of his 7.9 million Twitter followers, Piers said that he thought the movie was bad.

He said: “Walked out of this movie tonight after 80 minutes. It’s jaw-droppingly dreadful.”

The columnist included a screenshot of a promotional image of the film. 

Fans were quick to respond to his views. 

Fellow presenter Mark Goldbridge said: “I loved it.” 

Other fans also commented on Piers’ remarks. 

@AlfieJohnson7 said: “It was that bad but took you 90 minutes to leave.”

@IndiBoonan wrote: “It’s got someone who calls herself lady gaga (by choice) acting in it… what did you expect.”

@Geraint27038389 quipped: “Tell the truth, Piers. Alex Beresford was there. That’s why you walked out, isn’t it.”

Piers recently spoke out about how his wife once sent him a “disturbing” text message. 

Piers said: “Before we got married, my girlfriend Celia flew to Marbella to interview royal love rat James Hewitt.

“To convey some idea of my history with the old bounder, I once sent a knight on a white charger down to arrest him on behalf of the Daily Mirror for infringing the 1534 Act of Treason by having an affair with the wife of a future king.

“‘We’re on to our second bottle of Chablis,” read her text at 3pm.

“‘Getting on really well, and he’s just plucked a rose from the table arrangement, handed it to me and said, ‘Is it just me, or are flowers really rather sexual?’”

Piers Morgan and Celia Walden married in 2010. 

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