Why did Angelina Jolie’s style team allow her to go out with janky extensions?

Angelina Jolie was in Rome on Sunday and Monday, where she did three events to promote The Eternals. The biggest event was Sunday evening’s European premiere, the other two events were photocalls and a media event/press conference. For the smaller events, her hair was styled as it normally would be, down with a fluffy blowout. For the premiere, however… someone thought it would be a good idea to make Jolie’s hair very sleek and straight, and for her to wear extensions down to her waist. This was the result.

I didn’t even see the look from the back when I covered these photos yesterday – I was just looking at her face, body and Versace dress. I rarely look at her hair because her hair usually isn’t that notable either way. She’s not really a “big hair” woman, and while she’s worn hairpieces before, it’s usually to complement an updo of some kind. These extensions were clearly clip-in (they were out the next day) and no one bothered to make sure that they were in any way properly blended. It’s a disaster, it really is! I can feel Jolie’s enemies mocking her from here.

What’s crazy is that Angelina clearly put a new style team in place ahead of this big promotional blitz for The Eternals. About two months ago, she hired Jason Bolden, a Black stylist who works with celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Michael B.Jordan, Yara Shahidi, Amanda Gorman, Ava DuVernay, Alicia Keys and Oscar Isaac. Did he not send a glam squad with Jolie to Rome? What professional hair stylist would allow their client to go to a MAJOR Marvel movie premiere like this??

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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