Yella Beezy Released From Jail Following Gun-Related Arrest

According to Dallas arrest records, the Texas-born rapper was stopped by the Dallas Police Department around 10:50 P.M. for running a stop sign and entering the highway from a private roadway on Saturday.

AceShowbizYella Beezy had a run-in with police over the weekend. In a video that circulated on social media, the rapper was seen being detained in Dallas on Saturday night, February 13 on weapons and gun-charges.

The footage featured the Texas musician being arrested on the street after he was riding through the city in his bulletproof vehicle. According to Dallas arrest records that were obtained by XXL, Beezy was stopped by the Dallas Police Department around 10:50 P.M. CST for running a stop sign and entering the highway from a private roadway or driveway.

As he was pulled over, the authorities reportedly smelled marijuana from the vehicle. That prompted them to search the vehicle before they found a firearm. Police, however, didn’t found marijuana.

The 29-year-old rapper was booked on a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon as well as the traffic infractions. The rapper’s manager Beezy, Adrian Low Brown, meanwhile, claimed to TMZ the gun that the police found is registered. He was also convinced that police made up the weed smell to allow them to search Beezy’s car.

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Beezy apparently only spent one night in jail as he was released the next morning after posting his $1,000 bail. In a new video, the rapper could be seen walking out of prison while recalling how cold it was overnight in jail.

Upon watching the clip, some fans were more amused by the fact that Beezy had one of his pals recording him getting out of jail. “So he had his folks record him checking out of jail?! This generation will use any situation as a……….U kno what, Nvm,” one user wrote in an Instagram comment. “Who let them film in Lew sterrett? For the folks who dont know thats the jail he was at in Dallas,” another fan questioned.

Beezy made headlines earlier this year after home surveillance footage featuring him walking nonchalantly at his house while exposing his manhood found its way out online. While the video was reportedly taken from his home surveillance camera, it was reposted on Twitter for everyone to see.

In response to accusations that he leaked the video in purpose, Beezy said, “This definitely isn’t how [I] was planning to start off the new year.” He also added that nor he wants his career to be attached to this kind of “corny s**t.”

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