40 Photos of Queen Elizabeth II's 4 Kids, From Royal Tots to Senior Royals

From the time she was a little girl, Queen Elizabeth II’s life has been catalogued and chronicled for the cameras. In fact, she might just be one of the very first royals to be so accessible at such a young age — remember her wartime speeches when she was barely a teenager? Well, all these decades later, watching royals grow up has become part of the appeal of the royal family, and even Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip’s children weren’t immune to the attention of cameras.

Queen Elizabeth has four children — Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. While many know her firstborn as the Future King of England (kind of hard not to know who that is), the Queen’s other three children are no less noteworthy for their causes, position, and scandal. Over the years, longtime fans of the British royal family have seen the Windsor house go through trials and tribulations in the public eye, along with sparks of celebration, including several royal weddings.

But there’s still so much that we have yet to learn about these four siblings, as the next generation of the monarchy seems to be sweeping in. From their infancy, to their marriages, parenthood, scandal, and more — see the best photos of Queen Elizabeth II’s four children through the years.

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