5 things to know about new Netflix K-drama My Holo Love

SINGAPORE – Amazon’s AI, Alexa, is a handy assistant that has been immortalised in meme culture, with many users seeing her as something of a friend.

Netflix’s newest original K-drama, My Holo Love, takes this a step further and asks: Can you fall in love with an AI holograph?

In this science-fiction romance, Han So-yeon, played by Ko Sung-hee (Diary of a Night Watchman 2014) has an unusual condition which makes her unable to recognise faces.

Isolated, she finds companionship and solace in Holo, an AI holographic companion modelled after its creator, Go Nan-do, played by Yoon Hyun-min (Tale of Fairy 2018).

Nan-do, however, falls for So-yeon, and finds himself competing with the holograph he created for her affections.

Here are five things to know about My Holo Love and the cast behind it:

1. Playing dual roles was challenging for Yoon Hyun-min

Yoon plays both Holo and its creator, and having to play dual roles was twice as difficult, requiring immense concentration.

Trying to understand the psyche of Nan-do’s character helped Yoon get into the role.

Yoon Hyun-min (left) and Ko Sung-hee star in Netflix’s newest original K-drama, My Holo Love. PHOTO: NETFLIX

“Holo, at the end of the day, is an AI created by Nan-do… Why would Nan-do want to create him? My own answer is that he wanted to create someone who had what he lacked.”

Thus, Yoon made an effort to exhibit more kindness and warmth when playing Holo.

2. Ko Sung-hee cannot ice-skate

The actress said she put in many hours practising but “just couldn’t do it”.

As a result, director Lee Sang-yeop had to pull her by her hands while shooting her face.

“For me, one of the most difficult things I had to do was watch (Sung-hee) skate. It was very tragic,” Yoon quipped.

3. The two leads are like “brothers”

The two leads of My Holo Love have a relationship akin to that of “brothers living in the same neighbourhood,” said Ko. Their friendship emerged over shared interests, including a “love of dogs”, according to Yoon.

4. A relationship with a holograph? Why not, say the two leads

Ko Sung-hee and Yoon Hyun-min are both open to a relationship with a holograph.

Ko believes that “feelings can naturally blossom”, although “not all holograms would be as charming as Hyun-min”.

Similarly, Yoon imagines that an AI could be quite helpful in providing companionship, though the prospect of a romantic relationship with one is “a bit scary”.

5. What would Yoon Hyun-min do if he had a holographic friend?

Yoon said he would get his holographic friend to copy the answers of the smartest student in the class.

But his plans don’t stop there: “[I’LL][I would] take myself to Harvard. Get into the political world and then become President.”

My Holo Love is now screening on Netflix.

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