8 Sweet Pics of Kate Middleton & Prince William's Ice Cream Adventure

It’s ice cream o’clock for Prince William and Kate Middleton! This week, the royal duo set out for a day trip to Wales, making a stop at Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour to enjoy some sweet treats and greet their fans. Watching William and Kate bury their faces in ice cream cones while greeting the young kids around them is like a vacation for the eyes — and the Cambridge couple even ran into some old friends!

Also at the ice cream shop were Denise Evans-Alford and Kevin Alford: two teachers at St. Andrews who taught Kate (and siblings Pippa and James Middleton) until the age of 13. “Kate hasn’t changed at all, you can tell,” Denise told Hello! Magazine after. “Pippa and James are wonderful too. I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.”

“We saw her once when she came back to school when she was 14, and we haven’t seen her since,” Kevin chimed in. “Obviously, we’ve been following her career.” Kate seemed excited to reconnect with her childhood teachers too, reportedly telling them she hoped her own children would be as lucky in their education: “I want to instill in my children what I learned at St. Andrews.”

After this mini-reunion, Kate and William headed into the ice cream shop, where they sampled two flavors — vanilla for Kate, and chocolate for William. “I am a chocolate man,” William told the shop owners. “I bet it’s packed in here in the summer. So what’s so special about Joe’s ice-cream? Magic ingredients.”

See for yourselves — click through for the best pics from this sweet outing.

Kate & William Try Their Ice Cream

Kate and William tuck in to their first taste of Joe’s ice cream.

William Goes Back for More

While Kate daintily eats her ice cream with a spoon, William goes for the cone.

Kate Laughs at Will Getting Ice Cream on His Face

Okay, we’re only guessing here — but it sure looks like William is getting a face full of ice cream.

Kate Says Hello to Three Young Girls

Kate leans down to pay special attention to one young girl — and her friends eagerly peer in.

Kate Bonds with a Mom While Her Son Eats Ice Cream

Kate having a laugh with a visiting mom is so sweet — but the boy in this picture steals the focus with his laser-attention to the ice cream at hand.

Kate Compliments a Young Girl’s Drawing

As ice cream cups litter the table, a coloring book drawing catches Kate’s eye.

Kate Greets a Young Boy

One mom introduced her young son to Kate Middleton, who bent down to say hello. 

Kate Beams at William & His Ice Cream Cone

A perfect summary of the outing: Kate grins at William, delighted with how the day is going, and William smiles at his ice cream cone, delighted with how his snack is going.

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