Bewildered shoppers brand Topshop’s high cut swimsuit a ‘monstrosity’

If there's one thing that can really send the internet into a spin, it's bizarre swimwear.

Recently we've seen some downright shocking swimsuits hit the market – from the underboob bikini to swimwear that's only made to be worn by the pool, not in it.

And now it looks like there's another swimming garment that's causing a stir online.

A group of people on Twitter have shared photos of a swimming costume by Jaded London, which is being sold by Topshop for £40.

The incredibly high cut, tropical print swimsuit is available on Topshop's website in sizes 6-14 and has left shoppers on social media baffled.

People don't really know what to make of the product, which covers very little of the body and features images of oranges and exotic animals.

A freelance journalist named Eleanor kicked off the conversation, by sharing a screengrab from Topshop and asking: "What the everlasting f*** is this?"

Dozens liked her tweet and several people were quick to respond, sharing their own confusion over the garment.

One person replied: "Genuinely distressing is what that is."

Another branded the swimsuit a "monstrosity".

Some users questioned whether the model in the photo was wearing the item the right way round, as it didn't look like it would stay on if she dived in the pool.

A third added: "Can't decide what's worse, the cut or the print."

"Holy hell," commented a different user.

Someone else wrote: "Laughing my actual head off at the thought of turning up to swim training in this."

The product description for the swimsuit reads: "We adore this orange mix printed swimsuit in bandeau shape with tie waist detailing – it's super summery in style. High leg design."

Mirror Online have contacted both Topshop and Jaded London for comment on the garment.

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