Celebrity Treasure Island: Funny man axed and someone call a medic

Crikey, can you believe our celebs have been on Treasure Island for eight days already? Seems a long time since Breakers star Casey Frank said the first goodbye.

And now with a few celebs having followed Frank back to their normal lives, it was time for the pick ‘n’ mix, a mash-up, a remix, if you will. Team Honu was dissolved, leaving only Team Katipō and Team Repo left but they aren’t the same teams you’ll remember from last week.

Last night new teams were formed, and new captains were picked. Most of the original Katipō (minus Lana Searle) ended up in Repo along with Edna Swart, Lance Savali, Candy Lane and Buck Shelford. The new Katipō was made up of Lana and the rest of the original Honu and Repo members.

As for the new captains, Richie Barnett took on the role for Katipō and Savali for Repo. Both were given the ultimate present on Treasure Island: being safe from elimination.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the new team Katipō braiding each other’s hair and Art Green making coffee while Lana tried to figure out if such a superhuman could have anything wrong with him.

The only mark against his name was that he doesn’t eat breakfast. Weird decision for a gym bro, but then again it doesn’t look like he needs it.

Some people are just blessed with it all.

Moving onto Repo’s charity challenge, which was possibly the funniest and best one we have seen this season: they had to relay a message to each other while listening to Venga Boys.

Primo choice if you ask me.

A few boogies and giggles later it was clear Brynley Stent had been replaced as Chris Parker’s best friend by team captain Savali, but there wasn’t enough time to focus on that as Parker took out the $5k win for his chosen charity, Rainbow Group.

Completely unaware of the fun being had at Team Repo, Barnett and Greenwere busy exchanging health and fitness tips while Angela Bloomfield pulled Searle for a chat that went a little something like this: “People believe the highest currency is strength and being a man. I just want to shatter that a little.”

Mwahaha. Same.

But Tammy Davis wasn’t going to let Bloomfield pull the wool over his eyes as she has with Searle. “I know what’s going on, whether I do something about that? Time will tell.”

Indeed, it will, but in the meantime, I am living for this schoolyard drama.

The team face-off tonight was more or less water basketball and it was over faster than I could blink. Repo took out the win but, hold your horses kids, a fair whack of drama was included in the challenge.

Bloomfield told the camera diary “I couldn’t look Richie in the eye after that, I was so angry.”

Let’s rewind.

Barnett and Green decided they were the only valuable players in the team and as a result, they lost. Clearly, the two muscle men don’t understand what “team” means.

And while they were showing off their muscles, I was fuelling mine with popcorn screaming, “Tell em what you really think Ange, come on. Do it for the drama.”

Unfortunately, Bloomfield had to bite her tongue as Katipō faced another devastating blow: poor Tegan Yorwath had to be carried out of the water after an added injury to her already sore toes from last week. This time her little piggies really did have to go to the hospital and upon doctor’s recommendations, the award-winning Mai FM breakfast announcer said goodbye to Treasure Island.

She told the team she was “absolutely devo”.

After what seemed like a super long and catty deliberation at Team Repo about who would be put up for elimination, Savali decided on dancer and ex-Dancing with the Stars judge, Candy Lane from Team Repo, and Outrageous Fortune star, now George FM host, Tammy Davis from Team Katipō.

The elimination looked like the toughest yet with not only a physical challenge and a puzzle but host Matt Chisholm also included a math equation.

I felt lightheaded just looking at it. I thought the best part of adulthood was leaving math at high school?

Candy Lane took out the win and Tammy Davis – a great team player – accepted she deserved the win and said goodbye to his teammates. Guess we will never see another schoolyard battle between him and Bloomfield.

At camp Repo, Lane was guttered she had been put up for elimination and it looks like tomorrow’s episode is full of a millennial’s worst nightmare.


For all the inside gossip and behind-the-scenes stories, listen to Inside Celebrity Treasure Island hosted by S2 contestant Kim Crossman.

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