Channel 5 viewers praise 'important' documentary on how to leave abusive partner

Channel 5 viewers are praising the documentary How To Leave Your Abusive Partner Safely In Lockdown for its ‘important’ and ‘practical’ advice.

The 30-minute show features guidance from domestic abuse experts not only on how to leave an abusive partner, but where to go and how to stay safe afterwards.

The documentary explained that victims of domestic abuse can ring the National Domestic Violence Helpline or 999.

If they don’t feel like they can ring the police, they can press 55 and police will be able to trace the phone.

Other ways to raise alarms include – if you don’t have a phone – passing a message to a delivery driver or a postman.

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The programme also answered questions on how to deal with domestic violence in a lockdown situation.

Refuges and shelters remain open in lockdown.

Experts explained that a victim would get their own room in a refuge and would share kitchens, bathrooms and living areas with others (unless they’re in a self-contained flat).

Refuges can provide clothes, food, toiletries and can accommodate your kids, if you take them with you when leaving.

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