Chinese billionaire did not give US$7.5 million, Lamborghini not a gift: T-ara singer Hyomin

Slow down.

T-ara singer Hyomin has told K-pop fans not to go into overdrive with their imagination.

Many speculated that the 30-year-old singer must have hooked up with a rich boyfriend after she was seen driving round town in a fancy yellow Lamborghini.

But that dream machine, Hyomin told the hosts of the Radio Star show, was from a company which allowed her to use it for eight months as a form of product endorsement.

“I used to drive a yellow supercar. But the truth is, a friend of my cousin shares the same age as me, and he worked for that company.

“They were looking for celebrities to help promote the car since they were venturing into the Korean market.”

There was also talk that girl group T-ara had inked a deal with Chinese billionaire Wang Sicong and that he had showered expensive gifts on the members and paid a US$7.5 million deposit.

But Hyomin rubbished such talk though she did reveal that T-ara explored the possibility of tying up with his company.

She drew laughs from the hosts when she admitted that she did research on whether other Korean celebrities had enjoyed such lavish attention from investors, but could not find any evidence.

“I wished it was true,” she said in jest.

While random fan talk can be exasperating and at times belittling, Hyomin has said in another interview that she keeps track of what netizens say about her and T-ara, with encouraging comments driving her to push on in her career.

She in turn has returned the favour, recently posting a tribute to a fan – whom she remembered for turning up at T-ara’s events – after he died.

She asked him to keep an eye on the singers from his place in heaven.

Hyomin is busy now with solo work after T-ara did not renew their contract with their agency in 2018.

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