Did Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Buy a New Home in Canada?

Now that the initial shock of Megxit has started to wear off, the question of where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s new home will be is still looming. We know the former royal couple has decided to plant roots in British Columbia to raise baby Archie, but they haven’t (and may not, for security reasons) revealed specifics about which area they’re eyeballing. That’s not to say there isn’t any intel about their potential new home, however. So, let’s explore the existing intel about the Sussexes’ future address.

Currently, Meghan, Harry, and baby Archie have been holed up — if you can call it that — in a dreamy Vancouver Island estate owned by a Canadian billionaire. Although they’ve both made trips to London to honor their royal responsibilities in recent weeks, they’ve yet to leave the home that served as a sanctuary during their six-week end-of-year sabbatical. And now that the sabbatical from royal life has become more permanent, Meghan and Harry are reportedly hoping to find their own home in the Vancouver area.

According to the U.K.’s Sun, that may mean purchasing a sprawling 6,900-square-foot “Mega-Mansion” in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood. The home, which features panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Vancouver skyline, is part of a reputed billionaire’s row stretch dubbed “Golden Miles.” It was reportedly once owned by a rum runner named Joe Hobbs who financed the Marine Building through his illegal exploits. A realtor reportedly confirmed to the Sun, “Meghan has expressed an interest in this beautiful house. It would be perfect for her, Harry and little Archie.”

While Harry and Meghan have been outspoken about their desire to live a life devoted to public service, it makes sense they would choose an exclusive area to purchase a home — as former royals, they have an inherently higher than average need for security and privacy (no one tries to scale my fence to get pictures of me hanging out in the backyard with my kids). This estate boasts gates and manicured screen hedges to help keep the family secure.

But it seems as though the couple is also trying to prioritize areas where they can raise Archie as part of the community. “The neighborhood is known as a haven for wealthy people and has a very laid-back atmosphere,” the realtor said. “I’m sure they would be very happy there, and they would be welcomed with open arms.” Those open arms could include Lululemon yoga wear empire founder Chip Wilson, who lives nearby in a mansion valued at more than $40 million.

Should they choose the 108-year-old mansion, they’d undoubtedly have to do some serious baby-proofing as it features four floors, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and 20-foot-beach-side walls. But considering it comes with a reported $36 million price tag, we imagine they probably have some wiggle room in their budget to allow for such baby-safety precautions.

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