Harry Styles Considers It a 'Plus' If His Girlfriend Is Older Like Olivia Wilde

Fans of Harry Styles know that the Sign of the Times singer has never had a problem dating older women. His latest flame, Olivia Wilde, is 10 years his senior — and it has many wondering if the age gap will prove to be a problem in the course of their relationship. Well, don’t count on it. A new Hollywood Life source has shared that the couple’s age gap is not even on his mind and that “she’s totally his type.”

“The fact that she’s ten years older doesn’t bother him at all,” the source told the outlet. “If anything, it’s a plus because he loves that dynamic.” Styles definitely joins a long list of other celebs who regard age as just a number. During his time on The X Factor, he pursued a relationship with the late presenter Caroline Flack when he was just 17 and Flack was 31. The couple dated on and off for the next two years before deciding to split.

Sparks began to fly for Styles and Wilde on the set of Wilde’s upcoming film, Don’t Worry Darling. While the filming for the movie begun months ago, it was during a wedding for Styles’ friend Jeff Azoff’s wedding that the two were spotted holding hands and the news broke. (Luckily, Wilde’s ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis didn’t find out about Wilde’s new relationship by scrolling through the pictures on Twitter.)

Hollywood Life’s insider added that Styles had been a fan of Wilde for a while and has long admired her talent. “He has Olivia up on a pedestal for sure,” the source added.

“It’s not really a shock that he’s fallen for her because she’s totally his type,” they continued. “Who knows how long it will last, but so far Harry seems very happy. And who can blame him? Olivia’s such a dream girl.”

Hey, can you really blame either of them? We’re officially calling them the hottest power couple of 2021.

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