Here's Proof That Heidi Klum Wins Halloween Every Year

Heidi Klum is the reigning queen of Halloween, with costumes that continue to get more and more elaborate each year. Not only does Klum go all out with her costumes, but she also throws a huge Halloween bash each year. In 2016, she hosted two: one in New York and one in Los Angeles for all her high-profile friends to attend.

Though her costumes are always shrouded in mystery in the weeks leading up to Halloween, Klum usually teases her fans a bit. In 2018, she took to her Instagram with a video showing a prosthetic mold of her face and renowned special effects artist Mike Marino at work helping bring her costume to life. And as we all know, her epic Princess Fiona look was well worth it.

Let’s take a look back through all of Heidi Klum’s best costumes since she started her Halloween tradition more than 20 years ago.

A version of this article was published in October 2017.

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2021: Klum’s Day

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Klum’s annual Halloween bash was sadly canceled in 2020 and 2021. But, luckily for the fans who love her spooky antics, she was not going to let that stop her. In 2021, Klum released the sequel to 2020’s Heidi Does Halloween. “Last Halloween, Heidi Klum met her untimely doom at the hands of her demonically possessed children,” the narrator said in the short video. “Now on this halloween the dead will rise from their graves.”

In the almost 8-minute video, Klum’s corpse rises from the grave and reunites with her children. As time goes by, zombie Klum tries to go back to her motherly duties, including getting all dolled up and making lunch for the family – she even cuts off her thumb and adds it to the salad. Soon enough, her children realize what’s wrong with her, but this time it’s too late. Klum finally gets her revenge!


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2020: Heidi Does Halloween

In her first video during the pandemic, Klum poked fun at all the families staying in and driving each other mad during quarantine. “This Halloween, stay at home and enjoy some quality time with the family,” the narrator said. “Just try not to kill each other.”

In the short video, Klum decides not to let her canceled plans phase her and chooses to celebrate the holiday with her family. After a short trip to the bathroom however, her kids turn into monsters that are out to attack her. Though she swerves many times with her impressive camouflaging abilities, she’s eventually killed by her demonic children. It’s a true treat for any Halloween fans out there!

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