Hong Kong celebrity couple Him Law and Tavia Yeung celebrate daughter's first 100 days

The coronavirus pandemic may have affected Him Law and Tavia Yeung’s plan for a grand celebration for their baby girl’s 100th day.

However, the Hong Kong celebrity couple still made it a memorable day on Saturday (July 25) with beautiful decorations at home and a two-layer cake with the figure of a little girl on top.

Yeung, 40, gave birth on April 16, with the baby given the nickname of Little Pearl by her mother-in-law.

The actress shared several photos on social media, including of their family of three in white and Little Pearl facing the camera directly for the first time.

She wrote in Chinese: “Dear Little Pearl, you are three months old and have grown up without us realising it.

“Time may have flown by fast, but daddy and mummy are still working hard every day to step up our understanding of you. May you grow sturdily under our care.”

She added in English: “Memorable days, with a hundred days of blessing, healthy growth,” and disclosed in the hashtag that her daughter’s name is Hera Law.

Him Law shared a different photo of their family, with Hera looking at the cake, as he wrote: “Little Pearl BB, many people say a man’s daughter is his lover from a previous life, and if this is true, then daddy has waited for you for 36 years.

“Daddy and mummy only hope you grow up happy and explore a life of your own. We will always love you.”

Law, who is known for playing the blue monk Sha Wujing in The Monkey King movie trilogy (2014 to 2018), said in media interviews that he still felt like a “novice” after three months as a father. He said he tried to help his wife by providing words of encouragement and preparing the wet wipes when she feeds the baby.

Yeung, who is known for acting in TVB dramas such as Beyond The Realm Of Conscience (2009) and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (2012), said that taking care of a baby is more difficult than enduring night shoots. She said she would not mind returning to acting if there are good scripts and cast, but she would focus on her family in the near future.

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