How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

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This weekend I have … 90 minutes, and I like curiosity and crying

‘Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself’
When to watch: Now, on Hulu.

This one-man show blends magic and memoir, using techniques designed to distract and misdirect as a way to instead focus the audience’s attention on their own concepts of self. Few sleight-of-hand artists reduce their audiences to tears, but Derek DelGaudio does so night after night in this filmed version of his stage show; he guesses your card, but he also guesses your card in ways no one can really prepare for. If this time of isolation has caused you to reflect on how you present yourself to the world, and to think about what you get from being beheld, watch this.

… … two hours, and I’m tired of the same old schtick

‘The Lady and the Dale’
When to watch: Sunday at 9 p.m., on HBO.

TV documentaries have fallen into a visual rut with cheesy re-enactments and the same diet-Ken Burns moves, so the inventive animation alone would make “The Lady and the Dale” a worthy endeavor and a breath of fresh air. Luckily, it also tells a fascinating, complicated story: Elizabeth Carmichael was a scammer, a pioneering transgender woman and an automotive industry star who tried to popularize a three-wheel car in the 1970s. “Lady” is divided into four parts; the first two air this Sunday, Part 3 airs Feb. 7, and Part 4 airs Feb. 14.

… a few hours, and this week I care about stocks (sort of)

‘Cleaning Up’
When to watch: Now, on Sundance Now.

Sam (Sheridan Smith) needs money. She cleans offices at night, but she is a gambling addict in denial, and she is newly separated from her husband and trying to raise her daughters. So when she stumbles into an insider-trading scheme, it seems like a perfect ticket out of her predicament. “Cleaning Up” has more pep in it than other British dramas, brighter and more fun than a murder show but not as fleeting as a comedy. Five of the six episodes are streaming, and the finale comes out Feb. 4.

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