Liam Gallagher jokes he should be the U.K.’s next prime minister

Other than his successful solo career and being the former frontman of 1990s Britpop giant Oasis, Liam Gallagher is best known, at least more recently, for his humourous mutterings and rash behaviour online.

On Tuesday morning, the Champagne Supernova singer tweeted that he should be the U.K.’s next prime minister after Theresa May announced her resignation from the role late last month.

My name is Liam Gallagher,” wrote the 46-year-old rocker. ” I have four beautiful children, I have dabbled in drugs over the years [and] I’ve had many No. 1s.”

“Now send me the keys to No. 10,” he joked, referring to 10 Downing Street — the headquarters of the British government and residency of the PM.

“I’ll sort this pile of s**t out,” he concluded, seemingly poking fun at the longstanding and unresolved Brexit saga.

The political outburst may have been inspired by Gallagher’s older brother, Noel — the mastermind, founder, primary songwriter and lead guitarist behind Oasis.

In a recent interview with Manchester Evening News, Noel, 52, shared his thoughts on Brexit and revealed that he couldn’t “be arsed [in] going to the polling station.”

“Who the f**k would vote to leave Europe?” he asked. “It’s a nonsensical f**king idea… There’s only one f**king thing worse than a fool who voted for Brexit,” he added, “[and] that’s the rise of the c**t trying to get the vote overturned.”

“You take part in a democratic f**king process,” he continued. “If you don’t like the outcome, then go to North Korea.”

As a result, the older Gallagher received a large amount of backlash, with many criticizing him for not voting at all, including his own brother:

“Nothing worse than the c**t who doesn’t vote then has an opinion on everything,” wrote Liam in response on Twitter. “Sit down, stand up, Dolly Gallagher.”

One fan, in particular, reached out to the singer, asking him what he’d do first if he was elected as PM.

“Get Oasis back together,” he replied on Twitter. “I’d make it law.”

Oasis disbanded in 2009 after a fight between the Gallagher brothers. Since the band’s demise, they’ve been actively feuding, tarnishing millions of fans’ hopes of a potential reunion in the future.

“Any joy on a reunion yet?” asked a fan to Liam in February. “Nah, he’s still up his own arse I’m afraid,” the singer responded.

Liam is seemingly game for a reunion tour, however, Noel has not expressed interest. He’s busy touring with his solo band, the High Flying Birds — which will return to Canada this summer with The Smashing Pumpkins.

Liam’s latest single, Shockwave — the lead from his upcoming sophomore solo album, Why Me? Why Not — is now available on all formats and platforms.

As of this writing, he has no scheduled Canadian tour dates.

Liam Gallagher performs onstage at the Zuerich Openair, in Glattbrugg near Zurich, Switzerland, on Aug. 24, 2018.

May will continue to serve as the U.K.’s PM until another candidate is elected by the Conservative Party in July.

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