Madonna's Son Rocco Ritchie Vacations on the Same Spot as Sister Lourdes Leon — See Photos

Madonna is known for living quite an extravagant lifestyle. From her couture looks to her lavish vacations, the star has made sure to have as much fun as possible in her life. And clearly, her kids have inherited the same free-spirit their mother has. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon was spotted earlier this month relaxing on a beach in Tulum with her boyfriend Jonathan Puglia, and now her brother Rocco Ritchie has been spotted lounging in the sunny spot just like his sister. Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s 20-year-old son, Rocco was spotted messing around in waves with his friends on his tropical vacay, and he looked just as cool as we’d expect the pop star’s son to be.

Rocco wore navy swim trunks and a pair of shades as he chilled on a lounge chair next to a mystery woman, as seen in pictures first obtained by Daily Mail. While Rocco made sure he had some time to relax, he made sure he had some good old fashioned fun with his crew, as well.

In some photos, Rocco is shown performing some pretty impressive handstands in the ocean as he jumped around in the water with his friends. Honestly, Rocco’s dreamy vacation is leaving us with severe FOMO and we so wish we too could hear the waves crashing and feel the sand between our toes, too.

Rocco doesn’t have an Instagram (that we know of) but we imagine if he did, his feed would be filled with pictures of him and his friends having the time of their lives — and that’s exactly what we imagine Madonna has always wanted for all of her kids. 

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