Movies About Women Over 60

In Hollywood, it’s safe to say most storylines center around the younger generations. From countless rom-coms about young adults finding the loves of their lives to the numerous high school dramas, younger characters are all around the big and small screens.

But, in same rare cases, storylines center around older women. In the movies below, women over 60 take center stage and shine bright in their roles. They’re more than stereotypical, one-dimensional characters and instead, complex people with enough stories and life experience to make for popcorn-worthy movies.

My personal favorite is Woman in Gold, a movie starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds that tells the story of Maria Altmann, a Jewish refugee who goes to court against the Austrian government to recover the Gustav Klimt artwork she believes is rightfully hers. The movie – which is based on a true story – is captivating to say the least.

Check out the other must-watch movies featuring women over 60 below.


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