Mum’s smug organised kitchen post backfires when people spot what’s in cupboard

When a mum decided to share a video of her clean and organised kitchen cupboard on social media, she probably thought everyone would be impressed by her well-organised system.

But instead other parents were horrified when they saw it, and it was all because of the contents in her cupboards.

She shared a short clip of five very organised shelves in her pantry, all filled with perfectly lined up rows of drinks and snacks.

People were very concerned about how unhealthy it all way, with one even describing it as a "heart attack in a pantry".

One wrote: "How tempting that all must be to make the adult feel organised but in fact that whole cupboard is full of really bad food and would be terrible for children to eat that and nothing else", reports Mail Online .

Others were concerned that everything in the cupboard was processed and in long life packaging.

Another parent said: "Heart attack in a pantry."

But some didn't see bothered by the content at all and just focused on the organised set-up.

One wrote: "I do not even own a pantry this would be bliss."

Normally parents on social media are hugely impressed by organised photos, and one mum was widely praised for her incredible meal prep earlier this year.

She put us all to shame by chopping a YEAR'S worth of vegetables for her family to save herself time every evening.

Her freezer is now stuffed full of zip-lock bags containing an incredible 65kg worth of veg.

Her stash includes, 20kg of potatoes, 15kg of carrots, 15kg of sweet potatoes and 10kg of tomatoes as well as courgettes and pumpkins.

The former chef splashed out £45 on the vegetables at a wholesale market and says she will use it all in the months to come, reports the Sun .

Posting on Facebook , she writes: "Veg prep for what feels like the next year.

"Carrots: sliced, roast chucks and chopped. Potatoes: chunks, sliced and diced for mash. Onions: sliced, chunks and onion rings.

"I do it so I don't have to waste time every night chopping up veg for dinner, as we all work and I have university and the two kids have after school sports.

"It's not pre-cooked, just raw, and the roast vegetables turn out great. Just thaw them out the night before – and the diced up vegetables are perfect for the slow cooker and spaghetti etc."

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