Paris Jackson Proves She’s the Princess of Grunge in These Showstopping & Moody Photos for 'Allure'

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson is known for rocking any look she wants, and making fans go crazy for it. Whether it be a rocker-chic dress or a slinky slipdress that shows off her toned physique, she knows how to send fans wild with her eclectic style. But these new photos with Allure show that she’s still, and always will be, the princess of grunge.

On Feb 2, Allure shared a series of photos and videos of Paris, leaving fans begging for more because, wow, she looks ever-so-cool in this new photoshoot!

In the first post, we see Paris rocking a red mullet with a matching, tattered red look, which she paired with matching boots and statement jewelry. Allure posted the rainbow-lighted photos with the caption, “Comfort is key for @parisjackson, and her grungy, nostalgic, unpretentious approach to fashion and beauty holds a mirror to her current songwriting style. “’90s [beauty and fashion] is pretty comfortable for me,” she says. “I like to stick with the darker colors, the earth tones.” Read more about Jackson’s style inspiration at #linkinbio. #talkingbeauty.” (You can see those photos HERE!)

Next, we see Paris looking enchanting in a long-sleeved, green gown amid vibrant, matching lighting. In the first shot, we see her standing, showing off her slender frame and killer modeling moves, followed by a close-up of her rocking the edgy jewelry for the photoshoot.

The caption read, “The concept of a “signature style” doesn’t interest #parisjackson. “I just take [ideas] from a lot of the things that I like,” says the actor, model, and singer. “Nothing’s really mine; it’s just a melting pot of my favorites.” Read more about jackson’s approach to beauty and style at #linkinbio. #talkingbeauty.” (See those pics HERE!)

Then on Feb 3, we get a compilation video of all the photoshoots Jackson did for Allure, showing she can rock and amaze in literally every look she tries. Allure posted it with the caption, “Everyone’s moved onto the ‘00s, but @parisjackson is loyal to her #grunge icons. We talked all things beauty with the star at our link in bio. #TalkingBeauty #parisjackson.” (See the video HERE!)

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The wilted singer is known for many things, from her soulful songs to her insanely gorgeous and versatile red carpet fashion. Speaking of her fashion, we’ve known for some time she adores the more eclectic side of her personal style, but this new photoshoot shows she’s still the princess of grunge!

In the same interview, she talked about her beauty routine as well, saying she also prefers a more relaxed take on that. “I’ll wear a little bit of stuff on my eyebrows, mascara, and contour, and that’s typically all I do,” she said.

Before you go, click here to see the best photos of Paris Jackson’s red carpet fashion below:

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