Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Coming to California to Visit Harry & Meghan

Could it be? Are Prince William and Kate Middleton really coming to the US for the first time since 2014? Several new sources have come forward claiming that a trip across the pond is in store for William and Kate (and maybe even their kids) this coming year, which — in addition to being a rare treat for us Americans — signifies progress on William and brother Prince Harry’s long-rumored feud. That’s right: William and Kate wouldn’t come stateside without stopping at Harry and Meghan Markle’s new spot in Santa Barbara and saying hello to Archie, would they? According to these same sources, they would not.

A new source has come forward to Us Weekly claiming that, while Harry and William’s feud was once fiercer than anyone knew, the brothers have since resolved to improve their relationship in the coming year.

“It’s certainly been a roller-coaster for everyone involved, especially the brothers, who are vowing not to let things get this out of hand in the future and have learned a lot from this difficult experience,” said the source. “But at some point in 2021, the Cambridges will travel to Santa Barbara and see the Sussexes on their new home turf.”

Another source told OK! that William and Kate have long wanted to plan a longer trip through America, and that stopping to see Harry and Meghan would just be a bonus.

“They’re fascinated by America, its history and culture,” the source claimed.  “They’d love to travel across the country sightseeing — the national parks are at the top of their list — and of course, do some royal meet-and-greets as well…The plan is to visit the South, the Midwest and then go on to California.”

The Fab Four could be back together before we know it. And once Kate and William get to know Meghan on her home turf, just maybe a better understanding can be reached between these couples long-term.

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