Priyanka Chopra Gave Baby Archie the Most Extra Gift Ever

Little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor has had maybe the busiest schedule that any newborn has right now. Between the photocalls, interviews, feedings and naps, ya boy Archie barely has time to chill. Part of that busy schedule includes meeting his relatives, which happened just a few days after his birth, and meeting his parents’ friends, namely mom Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s BFF Priyanka Chopra. Even better than Chopra meeting Archie are the reports of what Chopra and husband Nick Jonas gave Archie as a gift. It’s so extra, so twee and so very unnecessary for a child who is less than a month old and I am here for it.

So, what’s this incredibly extra gift that Chopra and Jonas chose to gift baby Archie? Move over blankets, books, pacifiers, rocking horses and all other traditional AF baby gifts because Chopra and Jonas gave Archie a Tiffany & Co. bubble blower. Unlike the cheap plastic blower you have to dig out of a too-small bottle of bubbles, Archie is going to be able to dip his bubble blower into his bubbles, unencumbered by sloshing bubble liquid and never knowing the pain of pinching your fingers to try and grab hold of it as it slips away.

Oh, and did I mention how much this bubble blower cost? $250. That’s right: $250 for something Archie may use… a dozen times in his life? If that? How many occasions does a royal child actually get to blow bubbles?

According to Elle magazine, Chopra and Jonas also gave Archie a few other choice Tiffany treats but we’re not sure what they might be. If we had to guess, we’d bet the couple picked out the Tiffany & Co. baby comb, the bunny-shaped piggy bank, or maybe even the starry feeding spoon for Meghan to serve up some mushy peas to Archie.

We may not know exactly what Chopra, Jonas, Meghan and Archie did or said during their visit but it’s so, so heartwarming that time was carved out from everyone’s busy schedules to make it happen. Chopra and Jonas, in particular, didn’t post photos from their visit with Meghan onto their respective Instagrams, Elle notes, but they did post about their other activities while they were in London (he was on Jonas Brothers business and she was along for the ride). It’s also so good to see Chopra and Meghan’s friendship going strong, especially since the BFFs weathered rumors of a feud that Chopra was forced to go on record to dispel.

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