Prue Leith calls the UK 'the most unbelievably class-ridden country'

Prue Leith has said she finds the UK to be ‘the most unbelievably class-ridden country’.

The Great British Bake Off judge revealed she was shocked by the class divide in the UK after moving to England from South Africam and even detailed her own experience with class.

The 80-year-old TV star explained that the difference between classes even went as far as food in Britain.

Speaking to the Radio Times, she said: ‘In South Africa there’s a racial divide, and that was terrible.

‘But when I came to England, I couldn’t believe the gradations of class. People were looked down on for saying “toilet”.’

Leith even went on to share some of her own experiences with class since coming to the UK, adding that there is a ‘nervousness about stepping out of your class’.

‘I remember people saying, “You shouldn’t have ideas above your station” ‘, she said, before replying to herself, ‘You bloody well should!’.

The TV chef even admitted to not liking her own voice as she said she ‘can’t bear’ to hear how ‘posh’ it sounds.

Leith said that the divide didn’t just stop at language or expectations, but it even impacted what people ate.

The food connoisseur, who admits to never buying takeaways or ready meals said: ‘I think it’s true that, generally, educated people have a better life because they know more stuff and they know how to do things.

‘I can make a really cheap meal with cabbage, bacon, onion and garlic.

‘The people who most need to feed their children nutritiously and cheaply because they haven’t got much money are the ones that have the least education about cooking and food’.

Later this summer, Leith is expecting to start filming for new episodes of The Great British Bake Off again.

However new episodes of the show may no longer feature senior contestants due to their higher risk for contracting coronavirus.

According to a source in The Sun, there was an urgency to put plans in place before filming recommenced.

This year’s new series will be the first to feature comedian Matt Lucas, who will be replacing outgoing presenter Sandi Toksvig, after she announced her departure earlier this year.

Prue Leith’s full interview is in Radio Times magazine, out now.

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