S.H.E's Selina Jen cries over painting of her with her dog

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, whose dog Pinky died in March, was touched when she received a painting from her friend Vincent Su on Thursday (May 23). The painting showed her sitting under a cherry blossom tree with the toy poodle running towards her.

“It is a scene which I dearly wish to see in my dream,” Jen wrote on social media. “I was so moved that I cried the whole afternoon.”

Jen thanked Mr Su at the end of the post, as she called him a “healing master”.

She was known to have been emotionally attached to Pinky, saying she treated the pooch like her daughter.

She said on May 2 that she was initially afraid of going home after Pinky’s death as it reminded her of her dog. She finally let go after she mustered the courage to look at its photos in her mobile phone and sang the song You Raise Me Up on the 49th day after its death.

Jen is part of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, which also comprises Hebe Tien and Ella Chen.

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