Sneaky bride orders guest give her more money the day after her wedding abroad

You could probably spend the rest of your life reading nightmarish wedding stories on the internet, such is their abdundance.

The themes are many and varied: Demanding brides , diva-ish bridesmaids, awful relatives, evil mother-in-laws, painful speeches, ungrateful newlyweds , bizarre guest antics , cringeworthy photos and horrible food, to name a few.

Once every so often, however, a wedding fallout story comes along which takes your breath away.

This one involves a destination wedding and bride who definitely wasn't playing fair at all.

Seyi Akiwowo recently shared a story on Twitter about her experience at a friend's wedding in Romania, and how, the day after, the bride demanded money from her.

Anti-online bullying campaigner, founder of Glitchuk and TEDx speaker Seyi set the scene:

So far, so good. Seyi and her friend are enjoying themselves and got there under their own steam. No drama, just two ladies having fun.

Providing more detail about (super fun-sounding) reception, she added:

"It was an open bar. And every hour was tequila time. Its gone midnight…the family are now handing out envelopes… pay attention…These envelopes looked like those Thanksgiving/ tithes envelopes in church."

The only problem was Seyi and her friend had spent nearly all of their local currency.

They were in a very rural village, there were no cash machines and they had just about enough money to get back to their hotel and then to the airport at 4am.

So they did what they could.

Just a few short hours before their early flight, Seyi and her friend go back to the hotel to pack.

They're not in a good way, and almost sleep through their alarm, but somehow make it to the airport on time – where they're promptly charged £60 to check in their bag.

Finally on the plane, and they reminisce about their wedding saying "that was such a good wedding" and "let's think about a proper gift for them."

Back in London later that day and Seyi is working from home. She reaches for her phone…

She continues: "10.40am… the day after your wedding. My friend and I had soooooo many questions and we were equally confused/ impressed with how well written the message was."

"So remember I said that gift bag was a TRAP. That's how she was able to track spending per person. She knew exactly how much me and my friend 'contributed.'"

And how does this tale end?

According to Seyi: "Safe to say I am no longer friends with the debt collector. The couple are still together and had their first baby earlier this year. I still want my €25 back."

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