Solstice: Is Lorde releasing a new song from Solar Power today?

Lorde has fans convinced she could be releasing new music today.

The New Zealand pop star stunned fans with the release of Solar Power on June 11, her first new music release in four years. It is the title track from her upcoming new album.

This morning Lorde fuelled speculation she is putting out another track with a cryptic video clip posted on her website.

It shows her sitting on a beach meditating, with what appears to be a campsite and beekeepers in the background.

The video is captioned with one word: Solstice.

June 21 happens to be winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) in New Zealand at 3:32pm – and summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. From what Lorde has let fans know about the album, it appears she will stick to important summertime dates in the northern hemisphere.

Fans are convinced the star is releasing a new single:

While she has yet to reveal Solar Power’s release date, she told fans to “look to the natural calendar for clues”, which fits with the theory she could be releasing new music today.

“I want this album to be your summer companion, the one you pump on the drive to the beach. The one that lingers on your skin like a tan as the months get cooler again,” she added in an email note to fans at the time of Solar Power’s release.

In an interview with ZM’s Bree and Clint, the five-time Grammy winner explained more about Solar Power and when she wrote it.

Lorde said despite some people believing the theme of the song to have an intentional post-Covid summertime message, it was actually written years ago.

“A lot of people have been like, ‘is this a pandemic-related pop song?’ And I’ve been like, ‘No, we actually wrote it like two years ago but it feels so right for this moment weirdly.”

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