Tips for preparing for escape games

Playing escape games at Escape Hour is one of the best entertainment options in Edmonton at present, since all the escape rooms are private. Many of individuals or groups who are planning to play escape games or have already booked the escape room would like to know how to prepare for the game. Specifically they would like to know what kind of clothes they should wear, food they should eat and any specific kind of practice. Since they are spending their time and money on the escape game, some tips to help them enjoy the experience to the maximum extent possible are described below.

To complete each escape game in the allocated time of sixty minutes , all the team members should be mentally alert and fully engrossed in the game which they are playing. Hence it is important to wear comfortable clothes in the locker room for all the games. Specifically if the team has chosen to play the action escape game, they will have to do multiple physical activities like jumping, crawling, dodging lasers. Hence if this specific quest room in Edmonton has been selected, it is advisable to wear gym or similar clothes, which allow the players to jump, crawl, sprint comfortably.

It is also recommended that the players should not consume alcohol or any other intoxicant before they enter the escape room, since it will affect the judgement of the player. Each escape game is mentally stimulating and all team members have to be fully alert while playing the game so that they can complete it in the time specified. Players should aware that they will not be able to eat or drink during the game. Hence they should eat some food before they start playing the game. Many players prefer to drink coffee which is a stimulant, so that they can play the game better.

The escape room is a real life version of video games, and there are a large number of escape room apps. So those who have never ever played an escape game can use the apps for playing escape games on their smartphones or computers to become familiar with the rules of the game. In both the Escape Hour locations, in Calgary as well as Edmonton, the game master or on the will explain the rules of each game in great detail before the game will start. These rules will also provide important clues to the team members about where they will get the clues they require to complete the game within one hour.