Top 27 of Kate Middleton’s Pre-Royal Fashion Moments That Proved She Was Destined To Be a Style Icon

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When you think of Kate Middleton, chances are you think of her impeccably chic and elegant style. Whenever Kate steps out to an event, she meticulously always picks out something that matches the aesthetic she’s culminated over the years. Whether it be a colorful suit dress or a monochromatic ensemble, Kate nails the British Royal family’s fashion sense perfectly. However, Kate has always been a fashionista, even before she became a royal fashion icon.

Before Kate and Prince William tied the knot in 2011, Kate wasn’t afraid to try every style she could get her hands on. Unlike the more modest looks she rocks today, Kate would be seen in tank tops, sequined looks, and even vibrant short shorts. It’s hard to imagine since we’ve gotten over a decade of her pristine style, but Kate was the Queen of low-cut dresses, revenge outfits, and even fringe bangs back in the 2000s.

While we adore Kate’s looks now, we do have a soft spot for the throwbacks everyone seems to have forgotten about (especially her eclectic clubbing outfits!) For those that forgot (or simply have never seen her pre-royal looks!), let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Check out Kate’s top pre-royal fashion moments below!

  • Cowboy Couture (2005)

    Image Credit: Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images.

    Back in 2005, Kate attended the second day of the Gatcombe Park Festival in this cowboy couture and chic look comprised of blue jeans, a brown jacket, a cowboy hat, and a baby blue necklace we know we would’ve tried to recreate in the early 2000s. 

  • Magical Minimalist (2005)

    Image Credit: Photo by Indigo/Getty Images.

    It’s trippy to see Kate in a basic white tank top, to say the least. Nearly two decades later, and we’re still obsessed with this minimalist look of the tank top, blue jeans, and a black belt.

  • Graduation Girly (2005)

    Image Credit: AFP PHOTO/Michael Dunlea/POOL (Photo by MICHAEL DUNLEA / POOL / AFP) (Photo credit should read MICHAEL DUNLEA/AFP via Getty Images.

    How is it that Kate even made a graduation caped look incredibly chic? 

  • Furry Fashionista (2006)

    Image Credit: Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images.

    This Russian-style fur hat Kate wore back in 2006 showed she’s not afraid to rock a statement piece

  • Fascinating in a Fascinator (2006)

    Image Credit: Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images.

    For the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles’ (daughter of Camilla) and Harry Lopes, Kate looked so elegant in a creamy yellow trench coat dress, which she paired with one of those iconic fascinators and matching shoes. 

  • Charming Future Royal (2006)

    Image Credit: Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.

    During a dancing night out, a fringe-banged Kate rocked a look of a black button-down and floral skirt — something that’s seriously reminding us of something the girls from Charmed would wear.

  • Fabulous in Florals (2006)

    Image Credit: Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.

    Kate Middleton attended the opening of The Shop at Bluebird on June 14, 2006, and seriously, we can’t get over this outfit. The springtime color palette! The florals! The bangs! We’re seriously praying for an updated version of this look.

  • Channeling Diana (Again!) (2006)

    Image Credit: Getty.

    Back in 2006, Kate truly channeled one of Diana’s go-to daring color combos: red and black. And might we add, this showed everyone she was  fashion icon in the making!

  • Ravishing in Red (2006)

    Image Credit: Photo by Indigo/Getty Images.

    Who could forget when Kate rocked this plunging red polka dot wrap dress while watching Prince William compete in the Chakravarty Cup charity polo match? While she typically doesn’t wear outfits like this anymore, we know she could effortlessly wow in them if she chooses to wear it again!

  • Terrific in Tweed (2007)

    Image Credit: Photo by Indigo/Getty Images.

    Even if tweed can be a hard fabric to pull off, that didn’t stop Kate from wowing in this all-tween look for day one of the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival.

  • Channeling Diana’s Casual Style (2007)

    Image Credit: Photo by Indigo/Getty Images.

    From the boots to the chunky sweater, we can’t help but get Princess Diana vibes from this chic and sporty look from the time she attended the Badminton Horse Trials on May 04, 2007.

  • Sundresses for Days (2007)


    In 2007 and 2008, sundresses invaded Kate’s closet, and we seriously miss those days.

  • Scalloped Sundress (2007)

    Image Credit: BLOOMS/XPOSURE.

    Despite being making rude comments, we still adore this scalloped blue and white sundress she rocked after a night out in 2007!

  • Silky Siren (2007)

    Image Credit: (Photo by Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic) *** Local Caption ***.

    Kate was another star who took part in the silk dress trend, and this plunging one still makes fans turn heads!

  • Sundress Silhouette (2007)


    This silhouette is definitely something Kate would rock for years to come, even if she retired her fan-favorite sundress looks.

  • Baby Blue Beauty (2007)


    During one of Kate and William’s breakups, Kate went out on the town in this silky blue dress that no one could take their eyes off of (especially when she went to one of William’s favorite spots!)

  • Dazzling While Dancing (2007)

    Image Credit: Photo by Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic.

    This sparkling clubbing outfit showed fans early on that Kate adores to dazzle!

  • Lovely in Lace (2007)

    Image Credit: Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.

    Back on May 14, 2007, Kate Middleton attended the book launch party of The Young Stalin: The Adventurous Early Life Of The Dictator 1878-1917 by Simon Sebag Montefiore. But like always, she arrived in style (specifically in a cream lace dress that’s as timeless as it gets!)

  • Fashion Icon in the Making (2007)

    Image Credit: Photo by Antony Jones/UK Press via Getty Images.

    Everything about this look shows Kate really found her go-to style earlier than most: as early as 2007!

  • Street Style (2007)

    Image Credit: NM/XP.

    Kate’s street style was the pinnacle of 2000s chic and casual goodness, especially this blue jeans and patterned button-down combo.

  • Bold in Blue & Brown (2007)

    Image Credit: Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images.

    On the final day of the Cheltenham Festival on March 16, 2007, Kate turned heads in a daring color combo look of a muted blue and warm-toned brown ensemble. Plus, the accessories of the matching scarf, beret, and earrings shows she always knew how to rock bold accessories. 

  • 1960s Vibes (2008)

    Image Credit: Photo by Mark Milan/FilmMagic.

    Another iconic clubbing look Kate rocked was back in August 15, 2008, when she stepped out in this multicolored, almost-watercolor like dress that gave everyone 1960s vibes!

  • Partying in Playful Colors (2008)

    Image Credit: Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

    One of the most iconic looks from Kate’s pre-royal era was this night-out look, that’s a total 180 from her usual look. Seeing the Princess of Wales in yellow short shorts and a turquoise sequin top is surreal, to say the least.

  • Marvelous in Monochrome (2008)

    Image Credit: hoto by Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/WireImage.

    Kate always knows how to rock a monochromatic look, and this snapshot from 2008 when she rocked a white trench coat and black accessory look proves that!

  • Blessed in Blue (2009)

    Image Credit: Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images.

    During the wedding of Nicholas Van Cutsem and Alice Hadden, Kate rocked this ornate look that needs to be talked about more: a blue brocard/Jacquard print coat by designer Jane Troughton, a navy Stuart Weitzman Muse Clutch, and L.K Bennett Sledge Pumps.

  • (Future) Royal in Blue (2010)

    Image Credit: Photo by Indigo/Getty Images.

    Blue really is such a beautiful color on Kate, especially when it’s a royal blue number like this dress she wore for Harry Meade and Rosie Bradford’s wedding in 2010.

  • Trench Coat Origins (2011)

    Image Credit: Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

    March 2011 was when Kate realized she was made for the monochromatic trench coat look!

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