Wedding guest’s dress branded ‘inappropriate’ – but there’s another issue

The dress a woman was planning to wear to her brother's wedding has been labelled "inappropriate" and "too revealing", with one even saying it looks like lingerie.

She picked out a £164 silky blue dress with a plunging neckline and a train to wear to the celebrations, but her family weren't sure she should wear it.

Her sister shared a snap on a wedding website to see if other people thought it was too much.

She wrote: "My sister wants to wear this dress to our brother’s wedding this summer.

"Ceremony will be outside and reception inside a ballroom, the weather will be hot.

"She typically dresses like this, low cut outfits and is thin like the model, not huge boobs where it will be a distraction.

"She asked me if I thought it was okay, I’m not sure…. What do you think?

"I personally am not sure about having a train at someone else’s wedding."

While many people liked the dress, most agreed it wasn't suitable for her brother's wedding.

One wrote: "Umm, it looks like lingerie and I really don’t think it’s appropriate."

Another wrote: "I wouldn’t say inappropriate, but that is an evening gown for a gala, etc. Not an outdoor wedding. It’s also not exactly modest."

Another thought it was too revealing, commenting: "That is too much skin. It also looks cheap to me."

But others were more concerned about the fact the dress had a train.

One wrote: "You are absolutely right, you do not wear a train to someone else’s wedding. The cleavage and back are whatever, but a train? That’s barely a half step under wearing a veil.

Should she wear this dress to the wedding?


"It’s pretty much a sign saying “Look at me, not the bride!” She can be sexy, confident, even risque if that’s her style, but a train is none of the above, it will just be making a fool of herself. I would really try to talk her out of it."

Another replied: "It’s a bit much for an elegant wedding. Cleavage or backless (or leg), only one. No train."

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