Why Meghan Markle Isn't "in a Hurry" to Lose Her Post-Baby Weight

It’s natural for one’s body to change after birth, yet the pressure for new moms to “bounce back” to their pre-birth bodies still exists. Add in the scrutiny of millions of people as a royal, and the pressure is unimaginable. This is why Meghan Markle’s post-baby fitness routine is so refreshing. The Duchess of Sussex, who views exercise more as self care, isn’t “in a hurry” to change her body, and we love her for it.

So much has changed in Markle’s life since her relationship with Prince Harry became public. With their engagement, marriage and, now, motherhood, however, the Duchess has chosen to ease into each new phase of her life. And she is focusing that same, calm energy on her post-baby new fitness routine, which is more about self-care than a body transformation. The duchess is choosing to focus entirely on her own timeline rather than the pressures of everyone around her.

Self-care is a key aspect of Markle’s fitness routine, especially mindfulness. “The whole approach has been holistic, it has been gentle,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight of Markle’s post-baby fitness routine. “It’s been a natural embracing of motherhood, and with that has come a pretty gentle routine…. Meghan hasn’t been hitting the gym. She hasn’t been in any hurry to get back in shape. It’s only four weeks, really, since the birth, and she’s been taking that exercise regime very gently, indeed.”

To make it even better, Markle is incorporating time with her mother, Doria. The Duchess of Sussex has begun engaging in yoga, easing back into a healthy fitness routine that’s valuable to her while making sure not to put so much strain on her postpartum body. “Apparently Doria took up postpartum yoga and baby yoga, and that’s all Meghan has been doing,” Nicholl continued. “And lots of proud walks around Windsor Great Park, so, gentle exercise, but no hard training, no weights. She’s apparently not in any hurry to ping back into shape. She’s enjoying this time. She’s being gentle to herself.”

Advocacy has always been a cornerstone of whatever platform Markle was attached to. Now on the world’s stage, The Duchess of Sussex is demonstrating regardless, of renown, age or varying circumstances, new mothers should be given all the time and ease they need to pursue the post-baby healthy life they want.

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