Why Tarek El Moussa "Wasn't Expecting" to Divorce Christina Anstead

Tarek El Moussa is shedding even more light on his relationship and divorce with Christina Anstead (previously Christina El Moussa). The exes are preparing for the season 8 premiere of their HGTV series Flip or Flop which means they’re currently hard at work promoting it to viewers. Part of El Moussa’s promotional tour stops was on RuPaul, where he opened up about his split from Anstead and why it came as a bit of a shock to his system.

“It was kind of not something I anticipated in my life, but you know, I’ve learned a lot from it,” El Moussa told RuPaul, saying that the divorce wasn’t something he was “expecting.” “I can say I’m a much better person from going through what I went through. So I wouldn’t change anything.”

He continued,  “It was my first marriage. So, we met when we were young. I was 24, she was 22. And then the day we met, we pretty much connected right away and, you know, we built a life together.”

However, El Moussa seems to be in an optimistic place, as he and Anstead work together to parent their two kids, Taylor, 8, and Brayden, 3. When RuPaul asked if he would ever get married again, El Moussa said that “if someone had asked me that question a few months ago, I would have said no” but now, he has “hope” he’ll find someone special.

The former HGTV power couple were married for eight years before filing for divorce in 2017. They still remain amicable costars and coparents in the wake of their breakup. Anstead revealed recently that El Moussa lives only a few blocks away from her and her new husband, British TV presenter Ant Anstead, which helps the exes divide the parenting duties evenly.

Now, El Moussa divides his time between filming Flip or Flop, hanging out with his kids and sharing words of inspiration through bite-sized videos on his Instagram. It’s nice to see that, as Anstead moves on with her life and prepares for the arrival of her first child with Ant, El Moussa is able to also move on — and thrive in the process.

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